Alpha Vest
When We Sell


We are sorry for the sudden postponement of the release of the Alpha Vest, which was scheduled to go on sale on July 7. The rescheduled release date and the reasons for the postponement are as follows:

Reason for Postponement

Several Alpha Vests were found to have smaller neck and armhole sizes than our standard.

Reason for the Small neck and Armholes

Pipings used around the neck and armholes shrank by prewashing.

Future Sales

The pipings of Alpha Vests, which were scheduled to be sold on July 7, will be replaced with shrink-proofed pipings and will be available for sale in the fall of 2022.

Our Next Action

We will increase the number of sampling inspections after mass production to improve the accuracy of inspections. We also test our products more thoroughly to verify the product quality.