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UL Framed Backpack for Long Hikes

The ONE is a large-volume, ultralight, framed backpack designed for long-term mountain traversing and long-distance hiking.

The rocky sections, ridges with chains, or steep uphill sections are pretty common in the Japanese hiking trails.

The uniquely designed X-shaped frame fits your torso comfortably and moves flexibly with your body when on the move.

As the ONE is a fully made-to-order backpack, please allow some time for your order to be delivered. It is going to be the only ONE in the world!

Custom Order Item
This product is made to order that matches your specific needs, which can only be ordered during specific times of the year.

Current order period: May – July
Delivery schedule: September or October

  • As they are completely made to order, please allow for ample production time.
  • Please note that we only accept a limited number of orders. We may close the reservation without waiting for the order period to end.

Shopping Cart Rules

The regular items, pre-order items, and custom order items cannot be purchased at the same time as they are shipped at different times. Also, we cannot ship items ordered separately in the same package.


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Made in Kamakura, Japan

50L~55L / 3051~3356 cu in
603〜823g / 1.3lb~1.8lb
Body Material:
70D HT PC Coated Ripstop Nylon
70D Silicone Coated Ripstop Nylon
X-Pac LS07
200D HT PC Coated Oxford Nylon
Outer Pockets Material:
70D HT PC Coated Ripstop Nylon
X-Pac LS07
X-Pac VX07
X-Pac VX21 soft
200D HT PC Coated Oxford Nylon
500D Cordura
Back Panel Material:
3D Mesh
200D HT Oxford Nylon
Bottom Material:
X-Pac VX21
X-Pac VX42(ポケットに500D Corduraを選んだ時に限る)
YKK Aquaguard
Frame Material:
Back Pad
Reflectable bungee cord
Repair tape

Product Story

Akira Natsume, Yamatomichi Founder

Do we really love hiking? Are we fully prepared to start up our own business?

In order to find the answer to these questions, my wife and I hiked the John Muir Trail in Virginia, USA in 2010. Consequently, we realized that we loved hiking so much and decided to quit our jobs and start Yamatomichi. We also realized that Japanese trails are quite different from the ones in North America.

The John Muir Trail is very well maintained, but unlike Japan, rocky sections, ridges with chains, or steep uphill sections are rare. This means that in North America, a backpack is less likely to get scratched by rocks or branches that make holes, even when made from ultra-thin fabric. Also, the items in mesh pockets were unlikely to drop out accidentally on these gentle trails. And since the weather in North America is dry with little rainfall, you are less troubled by sweat even when a closed-cell foam pad directly touches your back or the pack’s back panel is not made from some kind of mesh material.

At the time, I realized that the ultralight hiking gear I was using back then was designed specifically for the American climate, environment, and trail conditions.

When my wife and I were about to start Yamatomichi, no ultralight backpack taking into consideration the conditions of the Japanese trails existed.

Even if the ultralight movement originated on the Californian trails, I realized that I did not have to just copy what was happening in the US, but I could use the ultralight theory and match with the conditions of the Japanese mountains to create a unique backpack made specifically for ultralight hiking here in Japan.

As we started Yamatomichi as a very small brand, we were super flexible and I decided that the ONE backpack should be a made-to-order, semi custom-made item that no other mass-production maker could match.

That’s why after ordering, still, our customers need to wait for several months before receiving the finished pack. But I firmly believe that each hiker will find the wait worthwhile and excited to become the owner of his or her unique one-of-a-kind backpack.

It’s been years since we released ONE but it is still one of our core products. There have been many small modifications and upgrades and the robustness and overall durability of the pack have improved since our first version.

So for anyone setting out on a longer hike with a need to carry a somewhat substantial amount of gear, ONE is still the backpack I recommend.


Form and Function

X-shaped Frame Fits Your Back

Conventional large-volume backpacks are designed to distribute the load around your waist. However, ONE’s frame, made of two carbon rods crossed in an X-shape, allows full control of the load distribution to fit your needs to direct the load to your waist or upper body, etc. This control function is achieved by ONE’s unique design:
The carbon X frame is connected with the waist stabilizers and the shoulder load lifters, allowing you to control the load position and adjust the pack at the most comfortable balance depending on the trail condition or according to your level of physical fatigue.

*The above function is achieved by the highly flexible carbon frame. But please note that the carbon frame itself is not so strong, so our recommended comfortable maximum load for ONE is 11 kilograms.

Flexible Load Control

You can easily control the load by adjusting the load lifters on the shoulders and stabilizer straps on the hips, allowing you to change the load position based on trail conditions and body fatigue.

For load distribution on the upper torso:
When encountering a steep uphill or rocky terrain, free your waist to distribute the load on your upper torso, so that you can walk comfortably using the entire lower part of your body.

1. Loosen the waist stabilizer straps.

2. Slightly tighten the shoulder load lifters.

For load distribution on the waist:

When getting tired towards evening, set the pack to distribute the load on your waist. Such adjustment will alleviate the upper torso fatigue, allowing you to go on walking further. We also recommend the load to be distributed on your waist on flat terrain.

1. Slightly loosen the shoulder straps.

2. Tighten the waist stabilizer straps to keep the carbon frame close to your waist.

3. Tighten the shoulder load lifters to keep the pack closer to your back. (Do not pull too tight.)

Design Born From the Japanese Trail Conditions

In Japanese mountains with much rainfall, items in the mesh pockets, which many ultralight backpacks use, may get wet. Mesh material can also be surprisingly heavy. This is why we adopted the highly water-resistant fabric for ONE’s front pocket.

Above the front pocket, ONE has another smaller pocket. With a water-resistant zipper, this pocket has a capacity of approximately 2.5 liters. Since your items might get lost in the large pocket, valuables can be stored more safely and conveniently in this smaller pocket.

Compression and Expandability

ONE is a highly versatile pack in terms of the variability of the volume. Side compression cords can shrink the whole backpack to downsize the volume. On the other hand, the expandable roll-top will maximize the volume to carry additional gear.

Custom Order

ONE is a semi-custom order backpack that matches your specific needs.

We offer five sizes of torso lengths and four sizes of hip belts.

Select from our range of different fabrics and colors for the main body, pockets, and waterproof zipper to create your own unique pack.

For more details on ordering and measuring, please visit the below link:

During the order period you can also order directly from our shops in Kamakura, Kyoto, Taiwan.

Please Note

  • We do not accept cancellations of custom-orders after the production has started.
  • We accept cancellation or amendment of your order only during the ordering period.
  • Delivery may be delayed due to unforeseeable issues.

Care Instructions

  • Do not machine-wash. Hand-wash only.
  • Submerge the product in lukewarm water with a correct amount of neutral detergent, and hand-wash it.
  • Do not bleach. Do not use fabric softner.
  • Remove any optional parts such as pads before washing.
  • Wash off any noticeable stains or smudges with a washing brush or soft sponge.
  • Rinse well so that no detergent remains.
  • Drain the backpack with the mouth down. Keep dry in a shade.
  • Store in a cool, dark, dry place.
  • Do not iron.

Custom Order

  • Please note that delivery of any custom-orders usually take longer than our standard items.
  • Delivery may be delayed due to unforeseeable issues.
  • We accept only a limited number of custom-orders due to our limited production capacity.
  • We accept cancellation only during the ordering period.
  • We are not able to refund or exchange any items without any clearly noticeable manufacturing faults.
  • Custom-order is limited to one product per order.

Please contact us for any further inquiries from CONTACT.


  • We only accept payment by credit card. We currently do not accept payment via bank transfer from overseas accounts.
  • We accept the following Credit Cards: Visa, Master, American Express, and JCB.
  • To download your receipt, please click the link included in the Dispatch Notice, which we will send by email as soon as the items are dispatched.


We will ship by DHL for overseas customers (excluding China and Russia). For customers in China and Russia, we will ship by EMS only. Shipping costs vary depending on your country and region.


We accept repairs for all of our Yamatomichi products. For inquiries on repair services including patching the holes, repairing with extra components, or fixing the items damaged over time, please feel free to contact us from the “Repair” section of the SUPPORT page.

Repair Tape

  • For temporary repair, please keep the repair tape in your emergency kit.
  • The repair tape should be patched up on both the front and back sides of the fabric. The tape must be larger than the damaged or torn part of the fabric.
  • If you round the edges of the patch, it will last longer.
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