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Japanese Ultralight Backpack

Our MINI is the most versatile backpack in our product line with capacity ranging from 25 to 32 liters. At only 340 grams (excl. accessories) it is suitable for both one-day and overnight hiking.

Designed to allocate the load naturally in the upper part of your torso, MINI frees your waist to ensure comfort while walking the rugged mountains of Japan.


  • Black
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Navy
  • White
  • Black Heather


Made in Tokyo, Japan

Size M 25L~30L / 1525~1830 cu in
Size L 28L~32L / 1708~1952 cu in
Size M 340g / 0.749lb (Without Accessories – Other than Black Heather)
Size L 382g / 0.842lb (Without Accessories – Other than Black Heather)
Size M 384g / 0.897lb (Without Accessories – Black Heather)
Size L 443g / 0.976lb (Without Accessories – Black Heather)
Pack Material:
70 Denier silicone coated ripstop nylon
X-Pac LS07 ※Black Heather
Front Pocket Material:
X-Pac VX07
X-Pac LS07 ※Black Heather
Side Pocket Material:
Lycra twill
Bottom Material:
X-Pac VX21
Back Panel Material:
3D mesh / 200 Denier HT
Back Panel Material:
3D Mesh / 200D HT Nylon Oxford
Minimalist Pad(45x90x0.5cm/43g)
Hip belt
Reflective bungee cord
Repair tape

Product Story

Akira Natsume, Yamatomichi Founder

I designed the MINI, Yamatomichi’s second backpack, to be as simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use as possible.

Inspired by the classic Ray-Way backpack, by Ultra Light Hiking pioneer Ray Jardine, our MINI is designed to carry the main load on the shoulders only leaving your waist comfortably free. If the load is properly distributed in the upper areas around your shoulder blades and chest, most people will have no problems comfortably carrying up to eight kilograms without using the waist for support. This frees your waist and allows for free and more comfortable movement when hiking.

Many conventional small to midsized backpacks have thin and flimsy shoulder straps, causing too much stress on the hikers’ shoulders. These packs are not properly designed to distribute the load around the chest equally, although they might be lightweight. On the contrary, MINI’s shoulder straps are designed to avoid the load to concentrate on the shoulders even with a heavy load. I tested numerous different strap designs to find the optimum hardness and thickness of the straps.

If you try it on, I am sure you will feel the firm and comfortable shoulder pads effortlessly distributing the load throughout the whole upper body around the shoulder blades and your chest. While the MINI is designed to carry up to eight kilograms comfortably, I believe that the pack can hold even up to ten kilograms while avoiding too much stress on the shoulders.

Unlike many typical ultralight packs with the iconic mesh front pockets, MINI is equipped with the zippered front pocket made of X-Pac for the Japanese rainy climate. The pocket is not completely waterproof but highly water-resistant with a water repellent zipper, keeping the items inside dry in light rain.

The MINI holds about 25 liters in volume, but will expand to about 30 liters due to the spacious roll-top should you need to carry a tarp of light shelter for an overnight hike or even longer with proper planning and equipment selection.

So that’s why I believe that the MINI is our most versatile backpack in the Yamatomichi lineup. I use it anywhere from a stroll around my hometown to snow hiking and will keep testing and improving the backpack along the way.


Form and Function

Carry the Load

The MINI can be used for one-day hiking, an overnight lodge stay, or overnight traversing with ultralight equipment. It is built to hold up to around eight kilograms of pack weight (total pack weight), and comfortably distribute the weight in the upper body area around the shoulder blades and chest without relying on the waist support.

The MINI’s design thus frees your waist from the load and ensures comfortable hiking around the rugged Japanese mountains.

Ultimate Usability

Every detail of the MINI has been designed with the unique conditions of the Japanese trails in mind.

Highly Expandable

The MINI has a long tubular roll-top with a total capacity of over 30 liters. You can be creative and use the top strap, bungee cords and bottom attachment loops to carry even more.

Integrated Minimalist Pad

We have included a Yamatomichi Minimalist Pad (H45cm x W90cm x D0.5cm / 43g) in the back of the MINI. The Minimalist Pad is removable and can be used as a sleeping pad or an emergency pad to keep you warm.


We offer a number of options to expand the features and capacity of your MINI.


We adopt the best material for each part of the pack: lightweight 70 denier silicone-coated ripstop nylon for the main body of the pack, highly water-resistant and tear-resistant X-Pac VX07 for the pocket, and robust X-Pac VX21 for the bottom.


For larger hikers, we have added the Size L to our lineup since 2019. The Size L has a larger torso length and a modified shoulder strap shape. We have now two size selections: M and L.

Size M L
42~69 67~85
78~95 92~110
150~175 170~190
背面長/Back Length
45~54 54~57

We offer two sizes of the MINI. In general, we recommend the larger L size if you are over 175cm tall, but as all people are different we recommend you try out the two different sizes before you buy if at all possible.

Please also use the below guide for reference when deciding on which MINI to buy.

Please Note


  • Q.

    Is the MINI water-resistant?


    The MINI is not water-resistant. The front pocket uses the waterproof material, but the water can get in from the seams. Though a rain cover can be effective to protect from the rain, it is not completely water-resistant. For better water-resistance, we highly recommend the water-resistant pack liner or the Ziploc to keep your items away from the rain.

  • Q.

    Is it suitable for daily use?


    Some customers do use the MINI for towns, but please note that it is not designed for daily use. The long roll-top and the front pocket zipper are made large to maximize the volume, so you might find them too much at the supermarket.
    The MINI is, however, so lightweight and well-balanced that it is comfortable even in towns. You may be able to carry heavy groceries without a problem!

  • Q.

    Is it suitable for a petite woman?


    The shoulder straps are designed slightly shorter than those of American or European backpacks. One of our customers, a 153cm tall lady, uses the MINI with no problem. If you are concerned about the fitting, we recommend you to test it full of items and gears at our store.

  • Q.

    Do you repair it?


    We repair it for a fee depending on the extent of the damage. The most frequently reported damage is the breakage of the zipper. The exchange of the zipper will cost 5000 yen (excl. shipping fee).

    *The zipper has been improved since 2016. The new zipper is larger and more durable than the older version.

How to open and close

The MINI has a drawstring closure. When you tie the cord as shown in the video, it doesn’t get in the way and you can just pull the cord to untie. You can also tighten the top strap while wrapping the drawstring to prevent water from entering the bag.

Care Instructions

  • The MINI is made to be ultralight, so we value weight over durability. Please bear in mind that the MINI may be damaged when used under severe conditions such as rock climbing.
  • Please be careful when you pack any pointed items such as forks, chopsticks, stoves, and tent pegs as they may damage the fabric.
  • Overloading may damage the backpack.
  • Keep dry after use. Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Use the neutral detergent diluted in lukewarm water. Wet the towel with the detergent and wipe off the dirt on the backpack. Dry well after cleaning.
  • Do not iron or tumble dry.
  • Store in a dark place to keep away from direct sunlight as UV may deteriorate the fabric.


  • We only accept payment by credit card. We currently do not accept payment via bank transfer from overseas accounts.
  • We accept the following Credit Cards: Visa, Master, American Express, and JCB.
  • To download your receipt, please click the link included in the Dispatch Notice, which we will send by email as soon as the items are dispatched.


We will ship by DHL for overseas customers (excluding China and Russia). For customers in China and Russia, we will ship by EMS only. Shipping costs vary depending on your country and region.

Size Exchange

  • Overseas customers who need to change the size of their order, should note that the time needed for shipping will vary greatly depending on your country of residence.
  • We only accept exchanges when the item is unused (except for fitting).
  • If you wish to exchange the size of the item, please contact us within seven days of receiving your order.
  • Exchanges can only be made for the same color in a different size.
  • If the size you wish is out of stock, we will suggest a different color.
  • If the product is out of stock, we may simply have to ship the item back to you.
  • All shipping costs to be carried by the customer.
  • We will only send the exchanged item to you, upon receipt of return shipping cost via PayPal.
  • Please be aware that some countries charge customs duties depending on the price of the item.
  • We are unable to answer any questions on local customs. Please contact your local customs bureau.


We accept repairs for all of our Yamatomichi products. For inquiries on repair services including patching the holes, repairing with extra components, or fixing the items damaged over time, please feel free to contact us from the “Repair” section of the SUPPORT page.

Repair Tape

  • For temporary repair, please keep the repair tape in your emergency kit.
  • The repair tape should be patched up on both the front and back sides of the fabric. The tape must be larger than the damaged or torn part of the fabric.
  • If you round the edges of the patch, it will last longer.
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