β UL Long Rain Hoody


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Freer than Ever

Weighing only 150grams (M Size) the β UL Long Rain Hoody is much lighter than a typical rainwear top and bottom set. Its relaxed-fit allows for ultimate freedom and comfort.

The Pertex Shield Pro is a hydrophobic porous material that constantly wicks away moisture during activities with excellent breathability and waterproof property. It is a 3-layer, yet thin and flexible material that will keep you comfortable at all times.

The deep slits on the side enable easy access to the pockets of the pants or shorts without taking the Rain Hoody off.

What’s Yamatomichi Beta?

Our beta products are still being developed or a little outside our core focus of ultralight hiking gear. Usually produced in very limited numbers and sold from our stores rather than online.

Why beta?
In software, a beta version is a test version of a piece of software that is available before the official release.

*Our Beta products are usually available only at our brick and mortar stores. However, as our stores are not fully operational due to the COVID-19, we have decided to sell the beta versions through the online shop as well.


  • Navy
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Deep Forest


Made in Akita, Japan

126g(Size XS)
135g(Size S)
150g(Size M)
160g(Size L)
171g(Size XL)
UNISEX | XS / S / M / L / XL

Product Story

Innovative Side Slits

Akira Natsume, Yamatomichi Founder

The initial idea of this product was that I wanted a raincoat for commuting on a rainy day. I made several prototypes, and one of them was the long version of the UL Rain Hoody, which was surprisingly light and comfortable. Hence, we began full-scale development with the commercialization of the product in mind.

At first, I was wondering if I should add pockets, which seemed necessary for a raincoat for convenience. The raincoat, which is long enough to go below a pair of shorts, should have a slit for ease of movement. So I once made a prototype with a back slit, or “fishtail” like the M-51 military parka, but it seemed far from ideal. After about a year of testing, I suddenly thought, “What if I deepen the side slits?”

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In fact, it turned out to be a great idea.
The side slits enabled easy access to the pockets of the Yamatomichi 5-Pocket Pants/Shorts. Taking things in and out on a rainy day can be a real hassle, so it’s a big advantage to be able to use the functions of my regular pants. What is more, the coat felt surprisingly flexible and easy to move around in as when I was hiking the Japan Alps with the shorts on for the first time.

Also, the appearance of this raincoat is unique. It is similar to the North African robe, djellaba, not only light but aesthetically appealing as a tool. I cannot wait to go hiking with this raincoat on.

Please note, however, that the β UL Long Rain Hoody is a beta version, still being tested. As this product is very unique both in good and bad ways, you will probably notice some disadvantages, as well as advantages as you use it. In heavy rain, water may get in from the side slits. We are in the process of testing how this raincoat works in a variety of situations. If you are getting this beta version product, please wear it as much as you want and give us your feedback!

A new raincoat is also in development!

Form and Function

Only 150g

Weighing only 150g (M size), the β UL Long Rain Hoody is less than half the weight of a typical rainwear top and bottom set. This will make your backpack lighter and more compact.

The Pertex Shield Pro is a 3-layered fabric that is very thin, lightweight, and has a smooth texture, without the stiffness and distinctive crunchiness of typical rainwear.

Rainwear for Shorts-wearers

The β UL Long Rain Hoody is designed for those who love shorts when hiking.

Its wide-fit will offer you a sense of freedom, without being stuffy, as if a light, thin layer gently surrounds you. It’s comfortable like no other rain gear.

The fit around the neck is roomy and the side slits can be opened. It is far simpler and faster to put on and take off than a rain suit.

Side slits allows for direct access to your pockets

The side slits make it easy to take off and on, while allowing direct access to the pockets of the shorts or pants.

The β UL Long Rain Hoody matches perfectly with our 5-Pocket Pants and is designed to provide easy access to all five pockets.

Superior Moisture Permeability

The β UL Long Rain Hoody uses the ultralight, highly moisture permeable, yet water-resistant Pertex Shield Pro fabric.

The waterproof, moisture-permeable membrane has countless tiny holes smaller than water molecules, which directly dissipates uncomfortable moisture inside the garment and keeps you comfortable at all times, even during strenuous exercise.

Relaxed fit for ventilation

The relaxed fit effectively ventilates body heat and moisture.

Watertight Ultrasonic Welding Technology

Waterproof shells have seam tape to prevent water penetration through the seams, but the seam tape is not very durable and water penetration through the seams is inevitable over time.

Therefore, we adopted the latest ultrasonic welding technology at the seams of the β Long Rain Hoody, which welds the fabrics together by ultrasonic waves to reduce water penetration from the seams.



Pertex Shield Pro

The Pertex Shield Pro is a polyurethane-based hydrophobic and microporous membrane. The “hydrophobic” material has high water repellency, and the “microporous” means that it has a number of very small holes (pores).

These pores are too small for liquid water (rain) to enter, but large enough for vapor (moisture from your body) to get out. Pertex Shield Pro effectively vents the moisture within the clothes from the pores, achieving superior breathability.

According to our test at our Yamatomichi Lab, Pertex Shield Pro prevents excessive temperature rise even during heavy exercise, while keeping a constant temperature when it rapidly gets cold.

Namely, the material is highly moisture-permeable with well-balanced heat-retention and waterproof performance.

Pertex Shield Pro (100% NYLON)
Weight: 58g/㎡
Surface: 10d/10f x 10d/10f+30d, ripstop
Linning: 7d tricot
Water-repellent finish by C6 DWR

Tear strength measured by JIS L 1096 D (Pendulum method)
Vertical: 1.0kg, Horizontal: 0.8kg

Tensile strength measured by JIS L 1096 A (Strip method)
Vertical: 27kg, Horizontal: 19.8kg

Breathability measured by KES method
270 or more

Water-permeability tested by JIS L 1099 A-1
11280g/㎡/day (Our measured value)

Water-permeability tested by JIS L 1099 B-1
20000g/㎡/day (Catalog spec)

Water pressure resistance tested by JIS L 1092 B
20000mm (Catalog spec)

*The PU Sosui uses ultralight and thin microporous material, the Pertex Shield Pro. Vaseline, insect repellent, and ethanol-containing substances such as hair creams, cosmetics, and sunscreens may stain the fabric. They may also hinder the water-permeability of the fabric. Please visit here for more information.dddddddd

Test at the Yamatomichi Lab

We have conducted thorough research on rainwear over a year at our Yamatomichi Lab. The result is available online at the Yamatomichi Journal (Japanese only), full of independent research, experiments and new findings.

Read more

#1 土屋智哉(ハイカーズデポ)x 夏目彰(山と道)特別対談


#3 透湿試験とメンブレンの解説

#4 独自検査法による透湿性能試験

#5 電子顕微鏡による組成解析

#6 これまでのまとめ

#7 同一試験による防水透湿素材の総合評価

#8 レイヤリングのもたらす効果


推奨サイズ/Recommended Size

Size XS S M L XL
150~160 158~165 163~175 173~180 178~185
42~53 51~61 59~69 67~78 76~85
78~84 80~88 84~95 92~102 100~110

製品サイズ/Product Size

Size XS S M L XL
着丈/Length 91 96 101 106 111
身巾/Body Width 54 57 61 65 69
裾巾/Hem Width 58.5 61.5 66 70.5 75
裄丈/Neck to Sleeve 81.5 84.5 87 89 91
袖口巾/Sleeve Opening 9.7 10 10,2 10.5 10.7
スリット長さ/Slit Length 46.5 41.5 45.9 50 54

Please Note

  • This product is our ultralight water-resistant rainwear made of ultrathin, water-permeable fabric. Please handle with care as it can be torn or ripped when rubbed against rocks or scratched by spiky branches.
  • The Beta UL Long Rain Hoody is comfortable when you on the move in a relatively warm environment. However, it is less warm than normal water-resistant jackets or winter hard shells so we strongly recommend you wear a merino wool base layer to keep you warm especially when severe weather is to be expected.
  • In order to maximize the moisture-permeability, after-use care is necessary. The performances of the membrane, facing and lining can be impaired by dirt, sweat, and skin oil, or other substances. Please follow the washing instruction of each product to properly wash, dry, and keep it clean. The use of rainwear-specific detergent is highly recommended.
  • We recommend the use of water repellent spray regularly to restore the water repellency of the fabric.
  • The PU Sosui uses ultralight and thin microporous material, the Pertex Shield Pro. Vaseline, insect repellent, and ethanol-containing substances such as hair creams, cosmetics, and sunscreens may stain the fabric. They may also hinder the water-permeability of the fabric. Please visit the following link to remove the oil stains:山と道JOURNALS『山と道修理部通信#2 レインウェアの油脂汚れをきれいにする』
  • Because the Pertex Shield has a different moisture permeability mechanism, the PU Shinsui is not stained by Vaseline, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash, gentle at 30°C.
  • Use Rainwear-specific detergent if available.
  • Wash separately or use a laundry net bag.
  • Tumble dry below 60°C.
  • Do not bleach and do not use fabric softener.
  • Iron on low, covered the pants with a cloth. Do not steam.
  • Do not dry-clean.


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