Merino 5-Pocket Pants


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Wool Pants for a Pleasant Winter

Hiking or at home, this pair will make your winter comfortable.

We selected super soft and flexible Italian merino wool for optimal comfort and warmth. Ripstop nylon thread has been interwoven at the back of the fabric for enhanced durability. Our trusted 5-Pocket system offers maximum usability.

Merino 5-Pocket Pants are tough and flexible woolen pants for wherever you go during the cold months.


  • Charcoal
  • Light Gray
  • Indigo
  • Sand Stone
  • Navy


Made in Akita, Japan

97% Merino Wool 3% Cordura Nylon 236g/m²

395g (Size ST)

Women | S / S-Tall / M / M-Tall / L / L-Tall

Product Story

Always My Favorite

Akira Natsume, Yamatomichi Founder

I usually wear our 5-Pocket Pants even during winter, but I have to admit that they are not warm enough when it’s really cold and I sometimes wear an additional pair of insulation tights to keep warm. I wanted to make a pair of pants that could keep me warm even in the middle of winter without the need for tights. If they look good at home too, that would be even better.

In the first year of development, we made several prototypes using various types of wool fabrics. The pants were really comfortable during long hikes thanks to their natural moisture absorption properties, but I occasionally got itchy because of the wool. Another concern was that the surface of the textile got fuzzy and rough after just one season of use.

In the second year, we tested several blended materials made of wool and synthetic fiber. They were comfortable, relatively inexpensive, strong, and durable. Unfortunately, as the percentage of wool declined, the warmth and comfort of the wool unavoidably diminished.

I kept insisting on a pair of pants made of 100% wool with our unique 5-pocket system but was struggling to find the right material that would fulfill all our requirements.

Finally, I found the ideal merino fabric at a traditional textile maker in Italy. It is yarned and produced at the maker’s own factory using merino sheep’s wool carefully brought up on their own farm in New Zealand. It was super comfortable and had an excellent texture.

In the third year of development, I tested several prototypes made from their fabrics and wore them from autumn to spring. The merino textile was really comfortable, not super warm, but just right.

After one season of use, I did find minor pilling on the pants if I took a close look, but it appeared just fine with no noticeable fuzz on the surface, and the texture faded in a good way over time.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s so good about our Merino 5-Pocket Pants. They are not as technologically advanced as the Winter Hike Pants or super stylish either.

For me, our Merino 5-Pocket pants are for daily use. They are not as light and smooth as synthetic fleece, but flexible and soft. When the fabric gently touches my skin, I just feel happy wearing them.

For technical purposes, high altitude winter hikes, the Winter Hike Pants are still my first choice. But when I travel and visit both towns and low mountains, the Merino 5-Pocket Pants are definitely my favorite. This pair of pants made from 100% natural wool keeps me comfortable day and night, wherever I go.


Form and Function

Pockets for Smartphone and Maps

Yamatomichi 5-Pocket design can neatly store your map, snack, wallet, and other items you need during hiking, without interfering with your leg movement.

Especially, our smartphone pocket at the side is so well-positioned that it fits your phone while keeping it securely in place without bouncing around when running. The map pocket is large enough to store the water bottle.

Naturally Odor Resistant

Some synthetic fibers are deodorized, but the pure merino’s deodorization performance is far superior. Some say it’s almost odor-free even after a week of heavy hiking, but we’ll let you (and your friends) be the judge of that…

Wool’s deodorant mechanism is still a mystery. One theory has it that wool absorbs a large amount of odor-causing elements, and consequently, the odor is minimized to the level that cannot be detected by the sense of smell. We will conduct our own experiments and tests in the future.

Great Moisture Control

Wool is great to help you keep warm and cool as it naturally controls the moisture level within the clothes, always keeping you comfortable throughout the year.

This peculiar moisture control function is the benefit of the dead-air space between the crimped wool fibers, allowing for excellent breathability and moisture permeability. Furthermore, the cortex’s water absorption performance variably changes according to the humidity level of the outer air, that is, the higher the humidity outside, the more moisture it absorbs.

The dead-air space created between the crimped wool fibers can retain heat and work just like down or synthetic insulation.

Even Warm When Wet

Wool is capable of generating a lot of heat. When the fiber absorbs moisture, the thermal phenomenon called “absorption heat” is generated. Wool’s adsorption heat performance is twenty times of polyester, and 2.5 times of cotton. Another feature is the low thermal conductivity, which effectively prevents the body heat from being lowered by evaporation. The crimped fibers are bouncy and retain loft without crushing even when wet. Also, wool can absorb more moisture in between the fibers even after the saturation point is reached. Consequently, the surface of the wool feels dry and comfortable even if the clothes are wet.


Italian Made, 100% NZ Merino Fabric

The fabric is 100% merino wool manufactured by a well-established Italian maker, which runs the thorough production process including sheep farming, yarn making, and fabric making in New Zealand.

The back of the fabric is reinforced by the rip-stop Cordura nylon, achieving both the softness of the merino wool and the toughness required for hiking pants.

A few pilling may occur after a long period of wear, but it can be easily taken care of. The aging of the texture is also a part of the pleasure of the pants.

Facing: 97% Merino Wool, 3% Cordura Nylon 236g/m²
2/45.6 x 1/38.8

Tear strength tested by JIS L 1096 D (In-house test)
Vertical: 4.4kg, Horizontal: 3.9kg

Tensile strength tested by JIS L 1096 A (In-house test)
Vertical: 56.7kg, Horizontal: 41.2kg

Breathability tested by JIS 1096 A (In-house test)

Why 100% Merino?

While merino wool is a natural material with various advantages such as temperature/moisture control, thermal insulation, and natural odor-resistance, it also has some disadvantages that should not be underestimated, such as its tendency to distort, shrink, and low durability.

To overcome this weakness, many outdoor merino fabrics are blended with a few to dozens percent of synthetic fibers, but we consistently develop merino wool fabrics that are “100% merino wool”.

We keep using pure merino because we feel that merino wool has advantages that more than compensate for its disadvantages. Our own tests have shown that merino wool’s great functionalities, such as its ability to control temperature/moisture, are reduced as the percentage of synthetic fibers increases.

Merino Wool

Wool is a natural material with various unique features such as temperature/moisture control, thermal insulation, and anti-odor performance; all of them developed by sheep to survive the harsh environment over time.

Merino wool comes from merino sheep and compared to other kinds of wool, merino’s fiber is finer, softer, and less scratchy, and hence even suitable for making underwear.

All wools, including merino wool, are cool in summer and warm in winter. It is warm even when it’s wet, and practically odor-free even after many hours of wear.

Wool’s Structure

The wool’s fiber is composed of amino acid-based protein, just like human hair and skin. The surface is called the “scale”, which is similar to a fish scale, and the inner part is the “cortex”.

The cortex is composed of ortho-cortex and para-cortex, each with different moisture absorption performance. Because each of them differs in property, the combination of ortho and para cortexes makes the fiber “crimped”.

This crimped structure produces the wool’s unique features such as moisture/temperature control property and thermal insulation performance, avoiding the coldness caused by the sweat.

Disadvantages of Wool

As explained above, wool or merino wool has various features and functions, but it is not flawless.

Heavy when wet

Since the wool is capable of containing a significant amount of water in its fiber, it can be heavy when it’s wet and takes longer to dry compared with most synthetic materials. Fast-drying synthetic materials, however, can be cold when wet because it deprives body heat excessively quickly as it dries due to evaporation. Wool dries slower than synthetic materials but quicker than cotton with a similar thickness.

Liked by insects

Any soft fiber derived from animals, such as general wools, cashmere, and silk particularly attract insects.

Tears easily

Wools have short fibers, which can fall out due to friction, possibly causing small holes in the fabric. Compared with synthetic materials or cotton, wool tear more easily.


推奨サイズ/Recommended Size

150~158 159~164 156~164 165~169 162~169 170~176
42~49 42~49 47~56 47~56 54~62 54~62
60~66 60~66 64~72 64~72 68~76 68~76

製品サイズ/Product Size

パンツ丈/Pants Length 91 94 95 98 97.5 100.5
股下/Inseam 67.5 70.5 72 75 75.5 78.5
ウエスト/Waist 61 61 67 67 71 71
ヒップ/Hip 51 51 54 54 56.5 56.5
裾巾/Hemline 16.5 16.5 17.5 17.5 18 18

Please Note

Care Instructions

Merino wool has excellent deodorizing properties, but it does have some disadvantages, such as being prone to moth holes and shrinkage. Therefore, It should be washed and stored properly, though not frequently.

For more instructions on washing, drying and storage at home, please read on the “Read More” section below.

【How to Wash】
It is machine-washable on the regular course. Please refrain from using the tumble dryer, as the texture of the fabric may be hardened. To reduce wrinkles after drying, smooth out wrinkles as much as possible before drying.

  • Wool fibers are slightly acidic, so avoid washing with alkaline detergent as it may damage the texture. Use a neutral detergent.
  • To avoid damage caused by contact with other laundry, or deformation caused by tangling, please wash it separately or use a laundry net.
  • Wrinkles tend to develop during spin-dry. Shortening the dewatering time in your washing machine will help reduce wrinkles.
  • Washing with lukewarm water (about 30℃) will help remove dirt.
  • Smooth out the wrinkles, adjust the shape, and line dry in the shade.
  • Do not tumble-dry, as the texture of the fabric may be hardened.
  • Make sure to smooth out the wrinkles and hang dry in the shade.
  • Do not tumble-dry as the fabric may be hardened.
  • Do not use fabric softener as it may coat the fibers and hinder the natural properties of wool.
  • Do not bleach as it may cause color fading.

【How to Remove Wrinkles】
Compared to knit fabrics, woven fabrics tend to wrinkle more easily, so please shorten the dewatering time and smooth out the wrinkles as much as possible before drying. If wrinkles still remain, please iron them out.

  • Use a steam iron.
  • Steam must be low temperature (80℃-120℃).
  • When ironing, apply a thin cloth while blowing the steam.
  • After ironing, dry completely so that no moisture remains.

【How to Avoid Insect Damage】
Merino wool, an animal-derived fiber, has the disadvantage of being easily eaten by insects because of the protein contained in the fiber. However, the risk of insect damage can be reduced by proper care.

  • Dry well before storing. If there is any moisture left, it will be prone to insect damage.
  • Steam from an iron can effectively kill insects by heat. Use a low temperature setting when ironing, and after steam, dry it completely before storing it.
  • Keep well-ventilated. Avoid humid environments.
  • Vacuum storage bags are also effective in preventing insect damage. In this case, an insect repellent specially designed for vacuum bags is recommended. Air left in the bag will allow insects to survive.
  • if you choose to use moth balls, please follow the instructions found on the detergent.


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