Stuff Pack X-Pac VX42


S ¥2,750 / L ¥3,080 Tax included


Light and Tough Stuff Pack for Crampons

We discovered some X-Pac VX42 surplus fabric, which was once used for the old version of ONE Custom Edition and MINI Custom Edition, at our warehouse. We upcycled the material and produced different version of our Stuff Packs for crampons.

The X-Pac VX42 uses 420 denier wear-resistant nylon fabric for the surface. It is slightly heavier but stronger and more durable than our regular VX21 version Stuff Pack.

Size S
Size L


Made in Tokyo, Japan

X-Pac VX42
64g(Size S) / 2.2oz
79g(Size L) / 2.7oz
H355mm x W240mm(Size S)
H430mm x w250mm(Size L)

Form and Function

We’ve always been frustrated with the lack of lightweight storage cases for crampons. It’s true that crampons with sharp claws require somewhat sturdy storage. But the available options were too heavy and bulky, taking up too much space when we had to take the crampon out and put the cases in our backpacks, taking up too much space on already gear-heavy winter hikes.

So we’ve created a stuff pack that’s sturdy enough to hold your crampons, but lightweight and compact. It’s also super easy to open and close even with your gloves on. The smaller version is for storing just a pair of crampons and the larger Pack holds crampons as well as snow spikes and snow pegs all in one pack.

Attachment to the MINI

Attachment to the THREE

Cold-resistant Velcro

In cold weather, zippers and buckles can freeze, and it can be difficult to open and close them with gloves on. That’s why we use Velcro tape, which makes it easy to take out tools even with gloves.

Eyelets for more flexible use

We’ve added small eyelets in all four corners if you want to attach the Stuff Packs more securely to your backpack with bungee cords or small carabiners. You can also attach a length of cord to two of the eyelets to make a small simple shoulder bag.

Daisy chain for secure attachment to the backpack

A daisy chain on the back allows for secure attachment to compression straps or other parts of the backpack.


X-Pac VX42

X-Pac VX42 is a multi-layer fabric comprised of 420 denier nylon on the surface, a water-resistant polyester film in the middle, and a 50 denier polyester taffeta and diamond-patterned black polyester X-Ply material at the back. It is highly durable and water-resistant with hydrostatic water-resistant structural technology.

X-Pac VX42

Material: 420 denier nylon, Black polyester X-Ply, Polyester film, 50 denier polyester, Durable water repellent
Weight: 224g/m2
Tensile strength (JIS L1096A*): 178kg (Vertical), 129kg (Horizontal)
*Load value measured by pulling a specimen at a certain speedTear strength (JIS L1096A*): 22.7kg (Vertical), 21.8kg (Horizontal)
*Load value measured by pulling a specimen with the tearWater pressure resistance (JIS L1092B*): 59243mm
*Water pressure applied to the specimen until the water starts to leak.


Care Instructions

  • The fabric is wear-resistant, but not pierce-proof. When storing crampons in the case, the crampons’ spikes must face inward.
  • The fabric is strong, but it may get holes. Please use with care.


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