The Lights & The Waters
Photo Gallery 2024

A Yamatomichi spring/summer photo book for 2024.

The location for the shoot is Iriomote Island in Okinawa Prefecture, a first-time location for us. As usual, Masaaki Mita head of Journals here at Yamatomichi, handled the still photography, while the video was directed by art director Yosuke Abe and shot by Yamatomichi staff member Hikaru Otake. Familiar faces such as Ai Watanabe, who regularly models for us, Kiyora Toyoshima, artist Naomi Kazama, and Nori-KO from Sunshine Juice participated. For the first time, long-distance hiker Masaru Kiyota also joined us.

We captured hikers traveling through unique Iriomote landscapes, including tranquil seas surrounded by coral reefs, mangrove coastlines that change dramatically with the tides, vibrant jungle forests, and the intense sun that envelops it all, in both photos and videos.

Masaaki Mita (Still)
Hikaru Otake (Movie)

Model -in order of appearance-
Kiyora Toyoshima
Naomi Kazama
Ai Watanabe
Nori KO
Masaru Kiyota

Kazuhiro Hasumi

Production manager
Yuma Shimoyama

Location coordinator
Kan Yamaguchi

Akira Natsume

Art & Movie directer
Yosuke Abe