We believe

We’re a small outdoor brand from Kamakura, Japan.

Our philosophy is simple:

We are hikers.

We make and use our own gear.

Then we make the gear better the more we use it.

About Us

Yamatomichi is a small hiking gear manufacturer based in Kamakura, Japan, a little seaside village surrounded by mountains south of Tokyo.

Started by husband-and-wife couple Akira and Yumiko Natsume in 2011, Yamatomichi specializes in Ultralight (UL) hiking gear made to work especially well in the rugged Japanese mountains.

Although our gear is ultralight, functionality isn’t sacrificed to save a few grams. Every stitch, buckle, and millimeter on our bags is there for a reason. Inspired by UL pioneer Ray Jardine, we believe that simpler and lighter gear increases your ability to enjoy the great outdoors.

A bit of history

Yamatomichi started in 2011 with a single backpack (The ONE) and a sleeping pad (UL Pad 15). Our gear offerings now include several larger and smaller backpacks, accessories, and an ever-broadening line of comfortable and functional clothing.

We also believe strongly in supporting the hiking community here in Japan. That’s why we put so much effort into our Hike/Life/Community (HLC) events and our online Journals. We are only as strong as our community, and our friends and fans keep us excited about what we do.

Year by year

Founded by Akira and Yumiko Natsume. Our first products were the UL Pad 15, ONE Backpack, and the Yamatomichi Sacoche.

New Products: MINI Backpack, Minimalist Pad

New Products: 5-Pocket Shorts

New Products: Yak Wool Cap

New Products: THREE Backpack, 5-Pocket Pants, Stretch Mesh Cap, Zip Pack

Opened the Kamakura Factory and Yamashokuon shop in Kyoto.

New products: Merino Henley T-Shirts, Merino Hoody, Merino Wool Cap, MINI2 Backpack, Winter Hike Pants.

Events and seminars in 23 locations in Japan on the HIKE/LIFE/COMMUNITY TOUR 2017. Renewed our website and started writing the Yamatomichi Journals.

New Products: Alpha Anorak, Alpha Haramaki

Opened samplus store in Taiwan. Events and seminars at 5 locations on the HIKE/LIFE/COMMUNITY TOUR 2018.

New Products: UL Rain Hoody, UL Rain Pants, 5-Pocket Light Pants/Shorts, 5-Pocket Merino Pants

Opened the Yamatomichi Laboratory in Kamakura. Held HIKE/LIFE/COMMUNITY events in four locations and our first Yamamichisai (Yamatomichi Hiking Festival) in Iwate.

New Products: Light Alpha Jacket/Vest, Light Merino series products including T-Shirt, Kangaroo Pocket T-Shirt, Short Sleeve T-Shirt. UL Shirt, UL Short Sleeve Shirt, Bamboo Shirt, Bamboo Short Sleeve Shirt. Merino Shirt. β Merino Shirt Jacket, Merino Knit Cap.

New Products: Light Alpha Vest/Jacket Custom Edition, Light Merino Long Sleeve T-Shirt, UL Rain Jacket PU Shinsui/Sosui, DW 5-Pocket Pants, DW 5-Pocket Shorts, Merino Coach Jacket, Only Hood, One Tuck 5-Pocket Pants, 5-Pocket Shorts Light.

Marked the 10th anniversary on April 1.
New Products: Merino Short Sleeve Shirt, UL All-weather series Hoody, Long Hoody, Pants. 100% Merino Light series Tank, Sleeveless, French Sleeve, Henley, Kangaroo Pocket, Crew Neck, Hoody, Long Sleeve, Long Sleeve Zip, Pullover. 100% Merino series Zip Hoody, Hoody. Light Alpha Only Hood, Light Alpha Tights, Alpha Vest, UL Mittens, UL All-weather Jacket.
Opened the English website.

Developed Yamatomichi’s proprietary BLACK UHPE fabric. Major upgrades in the standard version ONE and MINI. UL Shirt’s and UL Short Sleeve Shirt’s fabric upgraded to the Shadow Rip. Renovated Yamatomichi Lab, reborn and reopened as Yamatomichi Zaimokuza. Opened the new R&D and Sales headquarters Yamatomichi Daibutsu Lab. Planning to hold the Yamamichi Festival in Shikoku.

Yamatomichi Staff and Friends

Yamatomichi began in Akira and Yumiko’s living room in 2011, but is now a small manufacturer with a close group of people supporting us.

Yamatomichi Laboratory Staff

We are based in the lovely seaside time of Kamakura about an hour southwest of Tokyo. Here we dream up new products, make prototypes and fix used gear.

Akira Natsume

Founder and Director

Yumiko Natsume

Founder and Production Director

Takahiro Nakagawa

Production Manager

Junki Nakamura

Sales Manager

Yukari Fujita

Sales & Support

Hiroki Kimura

Sales & Support

Yuma Shimoyama

Sales & Support

Hidenori Maehara

Sales & Support

Kanade Sangawa


Otake Hikaru


Ichiro Kitajima


Misuzu Hirokawa

Clothing Repairs

Kiyo Matsumoto


Hirotomo Hirono

Design Realisation

Mami Nakanishi

Patterns & Prototyping

Kazumi Imai


Masayo Noguchi

General Affairs

Yamatomichi Factory Staff

We also have a small workshop (The Yamatomichi Factory) where we make most of our custom-order products such as the ONE and Custom MINI backpacks.

Kyoko Inoue


Satomi Kichise


Yamatomichi Journals Editorial Staff

The following two people run our little online journal (for now, only in Japanese). We promise to make this available in English sometime in the not too distant future.

Masaaki Mita

Head of Content and Photography

Koh Body

Illustrations and Graphics

Yamatomichi Researchers

We love research! The below people contribute in a variety of ways to our constant pursuit of better hiking gear.

Takahiro Watanabe

Chief Researcher

Rin Matsumoto

Textile Researcher

Masaaki Nonoyama

Sandal Development

Yamatomichi Hike/Life/Community (HLC) Team

A community devoted to a life well hiked! The following people help us spread the word about Yamatomichi and organise events and local hikes throughout Japan.

Hideki Toyoshima

HLC Project Leader

Yoshitaka Toge

HLC Hokkaido Ambassador & Owner of Coffee Shop Sprout

Hiroki Ueno

HLC Tohoku Ambassador & Outdoor Shop Knotty Owner

Tomoyuki Meguriya

HLC Kanto Ambassador & Outdoor Shop Lunnetes Staff

Yuji Nakagawa

HLC Kanzai Ambassador & Owner of Taninokisha Mountain Gear

Tetsu Kanno

HLC Shikoku Ambassador & Outdoor Shop T-mountain Owner

John Lin

HLC Taiwan Ambassador

Yamatomichi Stores

Taiwan Collaborators

Hector Home

Our man in Taipei & Outdoor shop samplus owner

Yamatomichi Friends

We wouldn’t be what we are without our many friends that help us with all the stuff we cannot do on our own.

Kotaro Hayami

Quality and grading

Eriko Tsuchikawa


Masashi Yamamoto

Online Shop and System Engineering

Jens Jensen

Branding and English Support

Yosuke Abe

Art and Creative Direction

Makoto Uchida

Legal Advisor, Lawyer