DW 5-Pocket Pants 2023


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even when sweaty

Our new DW (Double-Weave) 5-Pocket Pants are lighter and more flexible than our regular 5-Pocket Pants, yet tougher than our Light 5-Pocket Pants.

The unique double-weave fabric* used is both soft and strong and features an uneven structure, offering excellent comfort even when you sweat. Yamatomichi 5-Pocket design can neatly store your map, snack, wallet, and other items you need during hiking, without interfering with your leg movement.

*Please note that because of the unique fabric used, the surface may become wavy with use.




Made in Akita, Japan

Pertex Equilibrium (100% Nylon) 86g/㎡
Water repellent:
YKK #3 Coil Zipper
181g (Size S)
183g (Size S-Tall)
193g (Size M)
195g (Size M-Tall)
198g (Size L)
201g (Size L-Tall)
WOMEN | S / S-Tall / M / M-Tall / L / L-Tall

Product Story

Best of Both Worlds

Akira Natsume, Yamatomichi Founder

I don’t really believe in the idea of “perfect gear”. Even gear I love and have used for ages has both advantages and disadvantages. That’s just the nature of things.

Initially, I was trying to create a pair of perfect pants with no drawbacks whatsoever. I wanted to make a pair of pants that are light, yet strong. Easy to move around in and don’t stick to your wet skin even when you get sweaty or are hiking in a humid climate.

We began looking for a replacement for our regular 5-Pocket’s Taslan nylon fabric and were thinking of a heavier version of the Light 5-Pocket’s Pertex Equilibrium as we loved many of this fabric’s wonderful features.

The Pertex Equilibrium has a unique double-weave structure with a soft two-directional stretch, which is achieved without the use of polyurethane often used in stretchable fabrics. This double-weave structure offers both great breathability and comfort, as the fabric is less prone to stick to wet skin.

In our search for a replacement for our regular Taslan nylon, we tried a variety of different materials, including a bespoke version of the Pertex Equilibrium we developed together with Pertex that we call DW Pertex Equilibrium. We loved the slight stretch and comfort of the double-weave but concluded that none were as strong and durable as the plain-woven Taslan used in our regular shorts and pants.

Kiyora Toyoshima, wearing the 2021 version Blue color.

So rather than replace the fabric for our regular 5-Pocket Pants and Shorts we decided to create something in-between the very durable 5-Pocket Pants and Shorts and exceptionally lightweight Light 5 Pocket Pants/Shorts.

The Taslan nylon, used in our regular 5-Pocket Pants/Shorts, is strong and durable with a firm texture. The firmness means that the fabric won’t stick to your skin even when wet.

On the other hand, the Light 5-Pocket Pants/Shorts are made of an ultra-thin and soft version of the Pertex Equilibrium. They are super light and comfortable in most cases, but if you sweat a lot during heavy exercise such as trail running, the smooth fabric is prone to stick to your wet skin.

By contrast, the DW fabric uses a soft, firm fabric with a rough and rather bumpy, double-weave structure that nicely prevents the fabric from sticking to your wet skin, even if you sweat a lot.

Consequently, we have successfully created comfortable three-season hiking pants with reliable toughness and durability. The DW 5-Pocket Pants are, namely, our new standard.

Please note that because of the unique structure of the DW Pertex Equilibrium, the fabric might develop slight snags with use.

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Form and Function

Comfortable, Double-weave Material

The DW 5-Pocket Shorts are made of a bespoke version of Pertex Equilibrium made to our specific requirements by Pertex. The Double Weave structure creates an uneven surface that helps the fabric from sticking to your wet or moist skin. Our unique DW fabric is made with thicker yarns woven into the fabric to accentuate the unevenness of the fabric to keep you comfortable at all times.
Though Pertex Equilibrium is used for Light 5-Pocket as well, DW’s fabric is made of thicker yarns for more texture, offering better comfort even when you sweat.

Pockets for Smartphone and Maps

Yamatomichi 5-Pocket design can neatly store your map, snack, wallet, and other items you need during hiking, without interfering with your leg movement.

Especially, our smartphone pocket at the side is so well-positioned that it fits your phone while keeping it securely in place without bouncing around when running. The map pocket is large enough to store the water bottle.

1st pocket
Large enough for comfortable keeping your hands in your pockets while hiking.

2nd pocket
The 2nd pocket is perfect for your smartphone. The perfectly-allocated pocket just behind the hipbone secures a smooth leg lift, preventing your phone from bouncing around, and keeps your phone safe and intact when sitting.

3rd pocket
The 3rd pocket is positioned high for wallets, etc. The long zipper tab allows for easy opening/closure of the pocket.

Key Loop
You can attach keys or a small carabiner to the long key loop. It’s also handy when you hang the pants to dry.

4th pocket
The lower part of the pocket liner is made of polyester mesh for drainage should the pants get wet.

5th pocket
The 5th pocket is made to fit the size of the normal hiking map. It is also perfect for a large-screen smartphone, compact digital camera, and even a water bottle.

Outstanding Ease of Movement

The DW 5-Pocket Pants are perhaps the most comfortable pants among our 5-Pocket lineup.

  • They are easy to move around even when you heavily sweat because the pant fabric does not stick to your wet skin.
  • Just like our 5-Pocket Pants, the knee and thigh are sewn three-dimensionally, allowing ample space between the fabric and the thigh, so that comfortable leg movement is assured.
  • In order to maximize the material’s elasticity, the fabrics are sewn together vertically and horizontally, so that the pants flexibly follow your leg movement.

The three-dimensional sewing creates a unique, wrinkled texture.


As the fabric is very light it dries in no time! See below for details of just how fast these pants dry compared to other fabrics.

The below chart compares the moisture content in the fabric of the DW 5-Pocket Pants/Shorts with synthetic base layers and normal cotton after a 15 minutes spin cycle.
The lower the moisture content, the faster the fabric will dry. As can be seen on the above chart the DW 5-Pocket Shorts are almost completely dry with a moisture content of only 0.6% after a 15 minutes spin.

The elastic waistband has been upgraded to a mesh rubber material for faster drying.

5-Pocket Lineup

The DW 5-Pocket Pants have the same roomy shape around the hip and thigh as the 5-Pocket Pants to assure ease of movement, but the inseam gusset is designed like the Light 5-Pocket Pants. Consequently, the DW’s size is similar to that of the 5-Pocket Pants, yet with a more elegant and slimmer design.

Please visit the below page for details and comparisons of all our 5-Pocket Pants and Shorts.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation, season, and application, but all of the designs are similar. Please visit the following link for details.

5-Pocket Lineup


Pertex Equilibrium

Pertex Equilibrium uses a unique double weave construction for lightweight and comfort. Together with Pertex, we developed our own version of the material where we enhanced the unevenness at the back of the fabric by specifying thicker yarns than regularly used for the double weave. The density of the fabric is well-balanced to provide both great breathability and comfort.

The Pertex Equilibrium used for the DW 5-Pocket Pants/Shorts weighs 86g/m2 is positioned between the 5-Pocket Shorts (120g/m2) and the Light 5-Pocket Shorts (55g/m2). The DW is a soft yet firm fabric with a little elasticity.

Fabric Surface

The Pertex Equilibrium looks and feels like the Taslan nylon, but if you take a closer look, the unique double-weave structure creates a distinct pattern.

Back Side

The bumpy and rough double-weave pattern is more noticeable on the back.

Pertex Equilibrium (100% Nylon) 86g/㎡
70d/68f x 60d/20f, Double cloth

Tear strength measured by JIS L 1096 D (In-house test)
Vertical: 1.8kg, Horizontal: more than 5.7kg

Tensile strength measured by JIS L 1096 A (In-house test)
Vertical: 65kg, Horizontal: 79kg

Breathability measured by JIS 1096 A (In-house test)


  • Kanade 161cm-56kg
    Size M (Arctic Green)

    • Kanade 161cm-56kg
      Size M (Arctic Green)

      • Nana 151cm-47kg
        Size S (Arctic Green)

      • Eriko 158cm-47kg
        Size S (Dull Gold)

      • Kanade 161cm-56kg
        Size S (Yamatomichi Blue)

      • Kanade 161cm-56kg
        Size M (Arctic Green)

      • Hikaru 165cm-59kg
        Size M (Dull Gold)

      • Hikaru 165cm-59kg
        Size L (Black)

      • Yumiko 170cm-59kg
        Size LT (Bordeaux)

        • Nana 151cm-47kg
          Size S (Arctic Green)

        • Eriko 158cm-47kg
          Size S (Dull Gold)

        • Kanade 161cm-56kg
          Size S (Yamatomichi Blue)

        • Kanade 161cm-56kg
          Size M (Arctic Green)

        • Hikaru 165cm-59kg
          Size M (Dull Gold)

        • Hikaru 165cm-59kg
          Size L (Black)

        • Yumiko 170cm-59kg
          Size LT (Bordeaux)

          推奨サイズ / Recommended Size

          Size S ST M MT L LT
          身長 / Height
          150~158 159~164 156~164 165~169 162~169 170~176
          体重 / Weight
          42~49 42~49 47~56 47~56 54~62 54~62
          ウエスト / Waist
          60~66 60~66 64~72 64~72 68~76 68~76

          製品サイズ / Product Size

          Size S ST M MT L LT
          パンツ丈 / Pants Length
 92.5 95.5 96.5 99.5 100 103
          股下 / Inseam 70 73 74 77 77.5 80.5
          ウエスト / Waist 64 64 68 68 72 72
          ヒップ / Hip 54.5 54.5 57 57 59.5 59.5
          裾巾 / Hemline 16.5 16.5 17.5 17.5 18.5 18.5

          • Waist is measured when the rubber is not stretched.
          • The hip is the width measured at the largest part of the waist when placed flat



          The DW 5-Pocket Shorts use a special double-weave fabric, with thick yarns on the backside. When the thick yarns, made up of bundles of very fine fibers, are rubbed and intertwined with your body hair when moving, the fabric may develop snags and a unique wavy texture. If you are concerned about snags, please try the following steps.

          Stretch the fabric little by little until the wave disappears. Iron it at low temperature to stretch it out and flatten the surface.

          Snags and wavy texture become less noticeable only by stretching the fabric. Please be advised that this fabric is prone to a wavy pattern.

          Snags are caused by frayed yarns or pilling in the double-weave structure. Use a pilling remover and cut out the loose yarns or furballs to prevent snags. This, however, may weaken the fabric.

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          Care Instructions

          • Machine wash below 40°C.
          • Use a laundry net or wash separately.
          • Line dry in the shade.
          • Tumble dry below 60°C.
          • The heat of the tumble dry may cause shrinkage but will be restored with use.
          • Do not bleach and do not use fabric softener.
          • Iron on low without steam.
          • Do not dry-clean.
          • High temperatures may cause shrinkage.
          • The fabric may develop snags due to the friction with your body hair.

          For more detailed information on washing and storage methods, please refer to our 5-Pocket Series page, which includes photos and videos of proper care to help maintain the functionality and performance of the backpack.


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