Reducing Product Loss

There is currently a big issue with product loss worldwide. Approximately half of the clothing circulating domestically in Japan remains unsold, and many products are disposed of without being worn.

Fortunately, we have successfully avoided disposing of our products in the past years and we plan to keep it that way! We decided to offer our past products and products that failed to pass the quality test for regular sale, (referred to as “C-grade” at Yamatomichi) as a Special Offer.

We plan to also create more special offer products in the future by salvaging the vast amount of fabric left over during the prototyping process. Stay tuned for more C-Grade products, and join us on our journey to reduce product loss.

Products born from “Zero Waste Manufacturing”

“We do not throw things away; instead, we deliver them to our customers”. The upcycled products that were born through our creative efforts to realize this mission include blankets and scarves made by combining leftover fabrics. We hope you will enjoy this new venture by Yamatomichi.