Bamboo Shirt
Wash & Care Guide


Bamboo Shirt

Bamboo Short Sleeve Shirt


  • This product is machine-washable in a regular setting with medium water flow.
  • Please wash the product separately from light-colored clothes as the color may transfer.
  • Please cleanse the collar area in advance as the sebum stain is hard to be washed away with the washing machine.

What you will need:

  • Neutral detergent
  • Laundry net
  • Iron

How to wash

1. Use a neutral detergent. To preserve the texture and function of the fabric, avoid using fabric softener and bleach.

2. This product is machine-washable in a regular setting with medium water flow. Do not pour the detergent directly onto the product; instead, please use the input port or wait until the water is filled in the wash tub.

3. Please use a laundry net bag to avoid damage caused by getting tangled with other clothes.

TIPS: Pre-treatment before Washing

For the collar of the shirt where stains are noticeable, please apply a pre-treatment detergent to the stained area and cleanse in advance. If the stains are hard to remove by yourself, please ask your local dry cleaning service.

1. Fill the lukewarm water of 40℃ in the bucket or bathtub, pour an adequate amount of neutral detergent, and stir it. Submerge the product and wash it.

2. Apply pre-treatment detergent, if any, to the stained area in advance, and machine-wash.

How to Dry

1. Line dry in a well-ventilated shade.

2. If you choose to use a tumble dryer, please dry at a low temperature, the upper limit of 60°C. Please dry separately with other clothes for the best finish.

Removing Wrinkles

Please lightly stretch or iron the shirt to remove the wrinkles caused by washing and drying. Set the iron at medium temperature, and use steam to moisten the fabric. Next, turn the steam off and gently and slowly apply the iron.