MINI2 Made with Prototype Fabric
Sold Only at Physical Stores


MINI2 50D BLACK UHPE Fine Grid will be available for purchase at Samplus, Yamatomichi Kamakura, Kyoto and some of our dealer stores from the below dates.

Yamatomichi Stores: September 9th, Sat.
Dealer stores: September 7th, Thur.
*Sale dates may vary for our dealers. Please contact dealers directly for sales dates.

This is a limited-quantity model of MINI2 made of a rare prototype fabric. Although not waterproof, it is lighter and more resistant to age-related deterioration.

Comparison with the original MINI2

    – Lighter
    – Longer lasting fabric
    – Slightly less durable
    – little to none water resistance

*For more details on the original MINI2, please refer to the product page.

33,000円 Tax Included
Size M 375g
Size L 391g
*Weight excluding accessories

Where to purchase: Yamamichi Kamakura, Kyoto and some of our dealers.

    – Will not be sold on our online store.
    – No additional production is planned.
    – One per person can be purchased.
    – For furthur information on release details please contact the dealers directly.

50D BLACK UHPE Fine Grid

The 50D BLACK UHPE Fine Grid is our proprietary fabric that uses 70 denier high-tenacity nylon with extremely tough and light 50 denier ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHPE or UHMWPE) fiber* woven at 2mm intervals as a ripstop.

The regular BLACK UHPE is uses a more heavy-duty 200 denier high-tenacity nylon and 200 denier ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHPE or UHMWPE) fiber*. The result is a fabric weight of 68g/m2 (regular BLACK UHPE is 128g/m2), making this fabric significantly lighter.

To keep it light, only the front surface has been treated with a durable water-repellent treatment, whereas the backside is not coated. Use a pack liner or waterproof stuff sack to keep your items inside dry. Being non-coated means that the fabric is highly resistant to deterioration from hydrolysis and general use.

*UHPE fiber is also known by trade names such as Dyneema or Spectra. It is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material that is extremely strong and lightweight.

50D BLACK UHPE Fine Grid

Material: 50 Denier Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHPE) Fiber, 70 Denier High-tenacity Nylon
Coating: C6 DWR (Durable Water Repellent)
Weight: 68/㎡
In-house test results*:
Tensile strength (JIS L1096A): 180kg (vertical), 160kg (horizontal)
Tear strength (JIS L1096A): 20kg (vertical), 17kg (horizontal)
*Variations may occur according to the actual production lot.

Limited Production with
Prototype Fabric

Akira Natsume, Yamatomichi Founder

The Black UHPE Fine Grid, which took five years to develop with a Taiwanese manufacturer, has now become a mythical Yamatomichi fabric with the difficulty of continuing on production due to pandemic related reasons.

The 50D BLACK UHPE Fine Grid was prototyped in the process of developing BLACK UHPE Fine Grid. However, the 50D version wasn’t adopted due to high cost and the difficulty of production.

Still, we believe that it is an amazing fabric, being lighter than the fabric currently being used for MINI2, the contrast between the white and black UHPE ripstop is very cool.

The MINI2 50D BLACK UHPE Fine Grid is a limited production backpack using prototype fabric. Considering the price of the fabric, the sale price should be higher, but we have decided to sell it at the same price as the existing MINI2, taking into account the fact that prototype fabric is used.

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