Light Alpha Only Hood


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Winter Only Hood

We’ve added the lightweight, warm but breathable Polartec Alpha Direct to our simple Only Hood design. You can pull it out and put it on whenever you feel chilly, regardless of whether your base layer or jacket comes with its own hood.

Polartec Alpha Direct is superior at preventing water retention and maintaining its loft when wet. Making it great for light snow situations.
What’s more, the “Only Hood” design is so comfortable that you almost forget you’re wearing it.

At only 48 grams, it is lighter than most knit caps, but warmer, and doubles up as a neck gaiter. Also, we have extended the front height compared to the Only Hood, which allows it to be used as a balaclava as well.




Made in Akita, Japan

Facing:Pertex Quantum Air (100% Nylon), Titanium Coated 40g/㎡
Lining: Polartec Alpha Direct (100% Polyester) 85g/㎡
UNISEX | One Size

How to

Works with any layer or hoodless jacket

Combine with a non-hooded jacket or middle layer such as the Light Alpha Vest/Jacket, Merino Coach Jacket or the100% Merino Pullover.

Light Alpha Only Hood Purple 2021
Merino Coach Jacket Charcoal
Merino 5-Pocket Pants Charcoal
THREE Spruce 2021

Light Alpha Only Hood Navy 2021
Merino Shirt Brown 2021
Merino 5-Pocket Pants Sand Stone
THREE Tawny Port 2021

Light Alpha Only Hood Black
Light Alpha Vest/Jacket Purple
Winter Hike Pants Black
ONE Custom Edition Navy x White

Light Alpha Only Hood Brown 2021
100% Merino Pullover Pale Yellow 2021
Alpha Vest Ebony
5-Pocket Pants Azurite 2021

Form and Function

Use as a balaclava

Transforms to a simple balaclava that can completely cover the nose, a great feature for when in harsh cold conditions.
*Does not have the elastic fitting feel like most balaclava’s do.

The front length of the hood is longer than that of the Only Hood so that the neck is completely covered when worn as a balaclava.

Thermal Comparison

Although it is not as warm as 1000 fill power down, the slightly thick Polartec Alpha Direct (136g/m2) used in the Light Alpha Only Hood is one of the best insulators available. The Light Alpha Only Hood can be used not only in action but also when resting, always keeping you warm.


The below chart compares the 1000 fill power down and other insulators used in thermal clothes on the market.

  • Heat retention is measured by JIS L 1096 A method, in Yamatomichi in-house test. The heat insulation property is measured from the amount of energy consumed by the heat-generating element to maintain its temperature. The maximum value is 100%.
  • The values of Polartec and Primaloft fabrics are the manufacturers’ catalog specs. Other fabrics’ values are measured by Yamatomichi. 1000 fill power down includes its 7 denier nylon outer and lining.


Dries quickly even when wet with sweat.


The below chart compares the fast-drying performance of middle layer products.* It is shown that Alpha Direct is not as fast-dry as the extremely fast-drying Shadow Rip (UL Shirt), but the moisture content after spin-dry is much lower than that of wool and other fabrics, and even when wet, it dries quickly if lightly wrung out or worn for some time.

*Tested by Yamatomichi. Compared the difference of the water content after completely wet and 15 minutes of spin-dry. The larger the value, the higher the moisture content, meaning slower-drying.


Use the stretch cord at the chin to get a snug fit.

If you tighten the stretch cord, the Only Hood can also be used as a simple neck warmer.

The hem is wide for easy wearing and the bottom edge is colored so you won’t accidentally put it on the wrong way.


Polartec Alpha Direct

It is like a fleece with longer puffy hairs.

  • Excellent air-permeability and thermal performance
  • Outstanding lightness and packability
  • Polygiene treatment for semi-permanent antibacterial and odor-control

Conventional natural down and synthetic insulators tend to contain body moisture within the clothes and as a result, can be quite stuffy. Polartec Alpha Direct, on the other hand, is so air-permeable that it can be worn even during a high level of physical activity.

Alpha Direct is also treated by Polygiene odor control which safely reduces the microorganisms and bacteria by small amounts of silver ions, achieving antibacterial and deodorizing function that well exceeds the lifespan of ordinary garments.

Polartec Alpha Direct (100% Polyester) 85g/㎡

Bursting strength measured by JIS L 1096 A (In-house test)

Heat retention measured by JIS L 1096 A (In-house test)

Heat retention measured by ASTM F1868 (Catalog spec)
Min : 0.50CLO Max:0.80CLO

Our Proprietary Titanium-coated Pertex Quantum Air

To maximize the superior air-permeability of Polartec Alpha Direct, the shell material of the Light Alpha Only Hood uses Pertex Quantum Air, an ultralight and breathable nylon fabric with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish.

The Pertex Quantum Air has many variations in terms of fabric thickness, finish, etc., and we chose one with a matte texture that is pleasant to the skin.

To achieve superior breathability of approximately 70cc/(cm²・s), Pertex Quantum Air is woven as loose as possible, made of less frictional low-count yarns, accelerating the excellent durability against abrasion with coarse materials such as Velcro. Also, the yarn is “temporarily twisted”, twisted and heat-treated to provide moderate stretch for better flexibility.

The back of the fabric is treated with our unique titanium-coating, in which the titanium adheres to the surface of the fabric at the molecular level. The coating enhances heat retention, while preventing body heat from radiating out, without compromising the texture and air-permeability.

Facing: Pertex Quantum Air (100% Nylon), Titanium Coated 40g/㎡
DWR (Durable Water Repellent)

Fracture Strength measured by JIS L 1096 D (In-house test)
Vertical: 0.5kg, Horizontal: 0.6kg

Tensile Strength measured by JIS L 1096 A (In-house test)
Vertical: 29kg, Horizontal: 25.6kg

Ventilation Performance measured by JIS 1096 A (In-house test)


  • Ichiro Circumference-57cm (Brown)

    • Ichiro Circumference-57cm (Brown)

      • Kanade Circumference-56cm (Navy)

        • Kanade Circumference-56cm (Navy)

          製品サイズ / Product Size

          Size ONE
          フード周り / Circumference 47
          フード高さ / Full Height 47.5
          フード前丈 / Front Height 26



          The titanium coating on the back of the fabric can gradually wear off due to friction caused by daily washing. The proper care with the right washing method can help maintain the titanium coating.*

          *The amount of titanium particles washed away is minimal and considered to be harmless for the environment.

          • When machine washing, set to gentle or delicate, avoid damage caused by contact with other laundry by washing separately or using a laundry net.
          • Avoid bleach or detergent that contains enzymes as they might discolor the fabric due to the chemical reaction with the metal. Use neutral detergent.
          • Do not soak in detergent for a long period of time as it can accelerate the delamination of the titanium coating.
          • Wring gently after washing and line dry in the shade.
          • Do not iron. Do not dry-clean.
          • If necessary, wash to remove fuzz from the fabric before first use.

          For more detailed tips on how to wash, store and restore the shrunk item, please visit the following link (Currently Japanese Only): How to Care the Alpha Series


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