One Tuck 5-Pocket Pants


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Even Comfier

Our first pants, the 5-Pocket Pants were made of durable, quick-dry, and wind-proof Taslan nylon. The fabric seemed perfect for its superior reliability, especially for long-distance hiking.

Only, the lack of elasticity was the drawback. The fabric does not stretch at all, so if it is made into pants in a normal dressmaking method and design, the legs were sometimes difficult to move. It took a while to solve this problem with our proprietary design and finally we were able to create our standard 5-Pocket Pants.

The Pants were comfortable in most cases for sure. But only when I was rock climbing where I had to lift up my leg higher, the lack of elasticity caused stiffness. The solution? The new and updated One Tuck 5-Pocket Pants; The pants are tucked (pleated) at the waist for ease of movement, creating an elegant, slightly tapered shape.

We were initially planning to release the One Tuck for regular sale, completely replacing the normal 5-Pocket Pants. As I mentioned above, however, our original 5-Pocket Pants had been loved by so many hikers that we did not want to confuse and disappoint the customers who loved the original version because of the specification changes.
After all, we decided to produce the One Tuck version by completely made-to-order, while continuing the original 5-Pocket Pants for regular sale.

The video shows a test by NATURAL ANCHORS, the outdoor store in Nagano.

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Order period: Nov. 17 – Nov. 28
Delivery schedule: April or May

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Blue Gray
Sand Yellow
Dark Navy


Made in Akita, Japan

Taslan Nylon (100% Nylon) 120g/㎡
C6 DWR (Durable Water Repellent)
YKK #3 Coil Zipper
233g (Size S)
237g (Size S-Tall)
248g (Size M)
252g (Size M-Tall)
260g (Size L)
263g (Size L-Tall)
WOMEN | S / S-Tall / M / M-Tall / L / L-Tall

Form and Function

Pleated for Comfort

The 5-Pocket Pants’ outstanding ease of movement is achieved by our proprietary pattern and the three-dimensional sewing. The One Tuck version has a larger and pleated waist, allowing for an even more flexible leg movement.

Especially when you are rock climbing or bouldering, or when you are climbing over large rocks with your legs up high, you will feel the ease of movement of those pants.

Tapered Design

The original 5-Pocket Pants were designed to be wide from the hip to the thigh area for easier movement, while the One Tuck version has a similar design, but thicker at the front of the thighs for a more elegant look around the hip, and thinner toward the hem; It is tapered more clearly than before.

Pockets for Smartphone and Maps

Yamatomichi 5-Pocket design can neatly store your map, snack, wallet, and other items you need during hiking, without interfering with your leg movement.

Especially, our smartphone pocket at the side is so well-positioned that it fits your phone while keeping it securely in place without bouncing around when running. The map pocket is large enough to store the water bottle.

1st & 4th pocket
ポケットに手をストンと入れられる入り口の角度やデザインにこだわりました。a1st pocket
Large enough for comfortable keeping your hands in your pockets while hiking.

2nd pocket
The 2nd pocket is perfect for your smartphone. The perfectly-allocated pocket just behind the hipbone secures a smooth leg lift, preventing your phone from bouncing around and keeps your phone safe and intact when sitting.

3rd pocket
The 3rd pocket is positioned high for wallets, etc. The long zipper tab allows for easy opening/closure of the pocket.

Key Loop
You can attach keys or a small carabiner to the long key loop. It’s also handy when you hang the pants to dry.

2nd pocket

3rd pocket

Key Loop

4th pocket
The lower part of the pocket liner is made of polyester mesh for drainage should the pants get wet.

5th pocket
The 5th pocket is made to fit the size for the normal hiking map. It is also convenient for putting trash during hiking or keeping snacks close at hand. The pocket can also hold a large screen smartphone.

Fast-drying and Durable

In the pouring rain, even water-repellent finished clothes will unavoidably get wet. Also, even the highest-spec rainwear gets soaked from the moisture caused by sweat during intense exercise. Hence, what we prioritize is how fast the fabric can dry after getting wet, rather than to make a lot of effort to keep them completely dry.

Generally, the thinner the fabric, the faster it dries. It is true that fast-drying property matters for hiking, but at the same time, a certain level of durability and strength are required.

The cotton-like Taslan with 120g/㎡, the material used for the One-Tuck, is lightweight, fast-dry, and durable.

Moisture Content after 15 mins of Spin Dry

As the fabric is very light it dries in no time! See below for details of just how fast these pants dry compared to other fabrics.

The below chart compares the moisture content in the fabric of the One Tuck 5-Pocket Pants with synthetic base layers and normal cotton after a 15 minutes spin cycle.
The lower the moisture content, the faster the fabric will dry. As can be seen on the above chart the One Tuck 5-Pocket Pants are almost completely dry with a moisture content of only 1% after a 15 minutes spin.


Cotton-like Taslan Nylon

The Taslan nylon fabric is made of “air-textured yarns”, the filament yarns using compressed air.

Unlike the general nylon fabrics, which are often shiny, the Taslan nylon has a matte and soft texture. It is a high-density material made of “air-textured yarns”, achieving both durability and lightweight.

The nylon material is fast-dry and its unique uneven texture keeps you comfortable in various conditions without sticking to your wet skin.

Taslan Nylon (100% Nylon)
Weight: 120g/㎡
70d/48f x 160d/144f
C6 DWR (Durable Water Repellent)

Tear strength measured by JIS L 1096 D (In-house test)
Vertical:7.6kg, Horizontal:4.4kg

Tensile strength measured by JIS L 1096 A (In-house test)
Vertical: 102kg (or more), Vertical: 79kg

Breathability measured by JIS 1096 A (In-house test)


  • Hikari 164cm-48kg
    Size ST (Olive)

    • Hikari 164cm-48kg
      Size ST (Olive)

      推奨サイズ / Recommended Size

      Size S ST M MT L LT
      身長 / Height
      150~158 159~164 156~164 165~169 162~169 170~176
      体重 / Weight
      42~49 42~49 47~56 47~56 54~62 54~62
      ウエスト / Waist
      60~66 60~66 64~72 64~72 68~76 68~76
      Choosing the right size
      • The pleats make the waistband larger than the 5-Pocket Pants. Even if you have worn our pants in the past, we recommend double checking the above size chart.
      • Please choose a size that is perfect for your height and weight.
      • Choosing the smaller size is recommended if your height or weight overlap either recommended size.

      製品サイズ / Product Size

      Slight size differences may occur due to fabric shrinkage and sewing variations.

      *Waist is measured when the rubber is not stretched.
      **The hip is the width measured at the largest part of the waist when placed flat.

      Size S ST M MT L LT
      パンツ丈 / Pants Length 92.5 95.5 96.5 99.5 100 103
      股下 / Inseam 70 73 73 76 76 79
      ウエスト / Waist 64 64 68 68 72 72
      ヒップ/Hip 55 55 58.5 58.5 61 61
      裾巾/Hemline 16.5 16.5 17.5 17.5 18.5 18.5

      The above figures may slightly vary due to fabric shrinkage and sewing irregularity.


      Notes on Ordering

      • We take preorders to avoid overproduction, so we are unable to accept any amendments to your order after the order period is over.
      • As they are completely made to order, please allow for ample production time.

      Feel free to contact us for details via the following link: CONTACT

      Care Instructions

      • Machine wash below 40°C.
      • Use laundry net or wash separately.
      • Line dry in the shade.
      • Tumble dry below 60°C.
      • Do not bleach and do not use fabric softener.
      • Iron on low without steam.
      • Do not dry-clean.
      • High temperatures may cause shrinkage.


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