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Easy-to-carry Medium Size Backpack

Made of durable and waterproof Eco Pack EPX200, the THREE is our medium size backpack designed for hard and rugged use.

We’ve designed the back to comfortably hold up to about 10kg of gear carried mostly on your back. That’s why the THREE only comes with a simple webbing hip belt.

Choose from three types of large capacity front pockets to match your needs.

THREE now uses the ECOPACK EPX200 instead of the X-Pac VX21 from 2024.



Slate Khaki
Cloud Gray
Brick Red


Slate Khaki
Cloud Gray
Brick Red


Slate Khaki
Cloud Gray
Brick Red


Made in Akita, Japan

Size M 40L
Size L 45L
Standard / Size M 617g
Standard / Size L 642g
Mesh / Size M 598g
Mesh / Size L 627g
Zip / Size M 622g
Zip / Size L 646g

ECOPAK EPX200 216g/㎡
Side Pocket:
Ultra Stretch UHPE Black 190g/㎡
ECOPAK EPX200 216g/㎡
Back Panel:
200D HT PC Coated Ripstop Nylon 139g/㎡
3D Mesh 194g/m²
50D PC Coated Ripstop Nylon 69g/㎡
YKK #5 Aquaguard®︎
Back Pad 15+
Hip Belt
Reflectable Bungee Cord
Repair Tape

Product Story

Tough and Easy to Use

Akira Natsume, Yamatomichi Founder

Our first backpack, ONE, was designed to be ultralight, yet internally framed, capable of distributing the load on the waist.

Some years after the release of ONE I began to explore making a comfortable and easy-to-use backpack, that would be a bit more robust, and hence more reliable, but still comfortable and easy to use.

Junki Nakamura, wearing the 2019 version Winter Moss color.

My hiking style also changed over the years and ONE simply became too large in many cases, so I was exploring a downsized version of ONE, that was meant to be released as “TWO,” but I wasn’t fully satisfied with the prototype so abandoned this idea and focused on making a larger version of the MINI that eventually became the Yamatomichi THREE.

THREE is not, however, merely an enlarged version of MINI. I wanted to make a pack as quick to use and comfortable as MINI, but being capable of distributing a larger load on the waist.

This photo shows the final prototype of THREE. At this point, the hip belt was equipped with a removable pad.

Initially, the prototype’s hip belt was padded, which turned out to be restricting the free movement of the waist. After a thru-hiking for product testing in the Northern Alps, I concluded that regular webbing would work just fine to distribute the load on the waist if the pack’s structure was properly designed. Hence, I removed the padding from the hip belt but increased the width of the webbing from 25mm to 38mm for added comfort.

As a result, although frameless, THREE comfortably allows the carrying of a decent amount of gear distributing the load around the upper torso and upper part of the waist. A conventional pack’s firm and the padded hip belt does sit on the waist securely, but it tends to limit the freedom of waist movement. The low-profile webbing hip belt used on the THREE keeps the waist free when on the move.

THREE packed with gear for one week hiking. (Only three days worth of food is packed as many mountain huts in Japan serve meals.)

I tested various closure methods and ended up with a simple water repellent zipper. Although zippers might break, I focused more on usability and adopted a zipper closure that allows quick access to the items than a draw-string. I also like the fact that it can hold the gear up to the maximum capacity, without redundant fabric.

Consequently, the THREE came out as a very unique backpack, different from both the ONE and the MINI. THREE is perfect for ultralight multi-day hiking. I also recommend it for winter hiking with lots of snow gear.

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2024 Model Updates

  • To enhance durability the side pockets fabric has been changed to Ultra Stretch (custom color: black). X-Pac on the bottom of the side pockets are now discontinued.
  • The body material has been upadated to the highly durable and waterproof ECOPACK EPX200.
  • The shoulder straps and the back panel, previously made of 200D Oxford, have been changed to 200D HT PC coated ripstop nylon.
  • To enhance durability the sewing method for the sternum strap adjuster has been reassessed. Additionally, an extra gear loop was added, enhancing compatibility.
  • The emergency whistle’s color has been changed to black.
  • The side pocket patterns have been revised for better access while on the move.
  • The elastic band for the side pockets are now replaceable.
  • The fabric inside the front pocket (for ZIP) and the main body has been changed from white to light gray.

Form and Function

*The following photos and videos are products made before the 2024.

Freedom on the Move

The THREE is designed to allocate the load on the back and waist using only a simple webbing hip belt, which keeps the load closer to the upper part of the waist.

It’s not designed to carry the main load on the waist like more conventional backpacks with heavy hip belts, but its free-waist design liberates the lower body and allows for a comfortable hike. Although THREE is frameless, our test shows that it can comfortably carry approximately 10 kilograms of weight.

Three Types of Large Front Pockets

The large front pockets are available in Standard, Mesh, and Zip, each serving a different purpose. The pocket is large enough to store a tent, groundsheet, rainwear, etc. with plenty of room to spare.

The front pocket is placed in the middle to stabilize the load balance even when the pocket is full of heavy items, allowing the backpack to sit on your hip bones comfortably.


The standard pocket is widely gusseted and made of the same X-Pac material as the main body. The top of the pocket is not lidded, but highly water resistant X-Pac allows for carefree use in light rain.


Our high volume, wide gusseted pocket made from hard mesh. With mesh, nothing is hidden so you can easily locate what you need. A small tent or rainwear can also be stowed in the mesh pocket even when still wet. Mesh pockets are popular among ultralight-oriented hikers, but in Japan with much rainfall, you will either love it or hate it, depending on your style.


We use the same waterproof zipper pocket as on the Yamatomichi MINI. The capacity of the pocket is slightly smaller than that of the Standard or Mesh pocket. The advantage of the zipper pocket made of X-Pac is the water resistance; keeping your stuff dry when raining. In particular we recommend this type of pocket for snow hikers and backcountry skiers.

Easy Access

The zippered main compartment opens and closes much easier and faster than a drawstring pocket, making access to your belongings a breeze.

The firm fabric makes the backpack structured, allowing for easy packing even the zipper is wide open.

Anatomy of the THREE

Every single detail has been carefully designed for ultimate usability, ensuring comfortable hiking.

The THREE is even suitable for winter hiking that requires additional gear. The bottom attachment loops, the bungee cord at the front, and side straps can be used to fix snowshoes and other vital equipment offering superior versatility.

Each elastic side pocket can store two 500ml bottles. To reach your water easier, loosen the buckle at the end of the shoulder strap to lower the pack.

For the Standard and Mesh version, draw the red pull to instantly open the large pocket.

Bungee cords at the front can be easily released by unhooking the clip.

A light sleeping pad can be attached to the bottom attachment loops. It can also be fixed vertically where branches are dense for easy walking.

The gear loops and bottom attachment loops can hold trekking poles or an ice ax without obstructing the use of the front and side pockets.

To fix an ice ax, slide the shaft into the bottom attachment loop and rotate it so the spike faces upwards, then fix the shaft with the gear loop.

After packing everything, draw the compression straps to keep the items closer to your back, increasing the stability.

The side compression straps are lengthened for carrying snowshoes at the front part of the pack.

The back pad is the same foam material as the UL Pad 15+. It can be removed and used as an auxiliary sleeping pad, or switched to other types of pads.

We use buckles on the hip belt and side straps that are shaped to prevent snow and ice from clogging them up.

The Slik Clip can be easily released by pushing the arch part.

How to Carry

  1. Fasten the hip belt around your upper hipbone.。
  2. Draw the shoulder straps and position the backpack high at your back so that the bottom of the backpack sits on the curved area of the backbone. If the pack is correctly sized, you will feel the load on your waist.
  3. Tighten the sternum strap.
  4. Draw the load lifter straps to keep the pack close to your back.
  5. If carried correctly, you feel 70% of the load on your back, while 30% waist.

*The load lifters should be released when the backpack is not used to prevent the deformation of the shoulder straps.



The ECOPACK EPX2-00 is a multi-layered material consisting of 200 denier polyester and diamond-patterned blue polyester cross ply, combined with 70 denier ripstop on the back. It is made from 100% recycled polyester, offering excellent strength and waterproofing properties.


Material: 200D Polyester, Blue Polyester Cross Ply, 70D Polyester (100% recycled polyester)
Coating: C0 DWR (PFAS Free DWR)
Fabric Weight: 216g/m²
Tear Strength (JIS L1096A): Vertical 10kg, Horizontal 10kg
The value of when the test piece with a tear is pulled and torn.
Tensile Strength (JIS L1096A): Vertical 170kg, Horizontal 112kg
The maximum value when the test piece is pulled until tears.
Water Resistance (JIS L1092B): 49300mm or more
The pressure at which water leakage is observed at three points when the water pressure applied to the test piece is increased at a constant ratio.


Size M L
体重 / Weight
42~69 67~85
身長 / Height
150~175 170~190
背面長/Back Length
45~54 54~57

We offer two sizes of the MINI2. In general, we recommend the larger L size if you are over 175cm tall, but as all people are different we recommend you try out the two different sizes before you buy if at all possible.

  • The length of the shoulder strap is the straight line from the base of the strap to the end of the core material.
  • Please refer to the ONE product page for more information on how we measure the length of the back of our backpacks.
  • MINI2 made before 2018 are all size M.


Notes before use

  • We use highly waterproof fabric, but it is not completely waterproof. Please put items you don’t want to get wet in a waterproof pack liner or use a backpack cover.
  • Insect repellents containing DEET can degrade the coating of the fabric components, so please do not let them come into contact with this product.

Care Instructions

  • Hand-wash only. Do not machine wash.
  • Submerge the product in lukewarm water with a correct amount of neutral detergent, and hand-wash it.
  • Do not bleach. Do not use fabric softener.
  • Remove any optional parts such as pads before washing.
  • Wash off any noticeable stains or smudges with a washing brush or soft sponge.
  • Rinse well so that no detergent remains.
  • Drain the backpack with the mouth down. Keep dry in a shade.
  • Store in a dark, well-ventilated place.
  • Do not iron.
  • Hand-wash the pad gently, rinse well and keep dry in a shade.

For more detailed information on washing and storage methods, please refer to our Care Page specifically the Backpacks page, which includes photos and videos of proper care to help maintain the functionality and performance of the backpack.


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Size Exchange

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We accept repairs for all of our Yamatomichi products. For inquiries on repair services including patching the holes, repairing with extra components, or fixing the items damaged over time, please feel free to contact us from the “Repair” section of the SUPPORT page.

Repair Tape

  • For temporary repair, please keep the repair tape in your emergency kit.
  • The repair tape should be patched up on both the front and back sides of the fabric. The tape must be larger than the damaged or torn part of the fabric.
  • If you round the edges of the patch, it will last longer.