UL Pad 15: Best in Test


We tested the thermal insulation performance of three of our sleeping pad products; UL Pad 15, UL Pad 15+, and Minimalist Pad, based on the new ASTM R-Value Standard*, and they were proven to have the world’s highest performances by weight: UL Pad 15 was ranked first in the world, UL Pad 15+ second, and Minimalist Pad fifth*.
*Among products with announced ASTM R-Value Standard.

The “ASTM R-Value Standard” (hereinafter referred to as “R-value”) is a newly-established international index for the thermal insulation performance (thermal resistance to heat loss) of products, developed by the American Society of Testing and Materials. The R-value standard allows us to grasp the thermal insulation performance objectively and numerically, thus we are able to evaluate and compare the performance of each company’s products.

The R-values per gram of UL Pad 15, UL Pad 15+, and Minimalist Pad, and products by other companies are as follows:

The top 10 products by R-value per gram are shown above. The listed weight is that of each company’s shortest-size product.

The results are summarized as follows:

UL Pad 15, ranked first, was proven to have excellent thermal insulation performance despite being very lightweight, with an R-value per gram of 0.019.

The UL Pad 15+, slightly heavier due to its textured finish for improved durability, came in second with an R-value per gram of 0.018, demonstrating remarkable thermal insulation performance despite its lightness.

The Minimalist Pad, ranked 5th, with an R-value of 0.009 per gram, and with a simple weight of 53 grams, is an exceptionally lightweight sleeping pad compared to the other products.

Except for the three Yamatomichi products, the top 10 products were all air pads (including insulated inflatable pads), which require air inflation. Among closed-cell pads, three Yamatomichi products dominated the top three in terms of their R-values per gram.

We will continue to provide hikers with helpful information on our sleeping pads, including comparisons and combinations with other companies’ products, through Yamatomichi Journals and other media.